Why We Chose To Leap

Ultimately, Leap72 is about divergence. Since the invention of the wheel, the world has been advanced by two different kinds of people, (1) visionaries, creative people know how to envision innovative ways to remake the world, and (2) executors, inspired people who know how to translate innovative ideas into reality. It is these kinds of people who make up the intellectual, and creative DNA of Leap. A strategic business consultancy unimpressed with yesterday’s achievements, and driven only by the possibilities of tomorrow. We are startup zealots, tech fanatics and misunderstood artisans. Bonded together for the purpose of curing the world through entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Meaning Behind 72

In astronomy it is believed the earth’s axis moves by a total of just one degree every 72 years. To move the earth by one degree would require a tremendous amount of energy, impact and discipline. At Leap, we believe to change or improve the position of an organization, it requires the same level of energy, impact and discipline as it does to move the earth. Instead of taking years, Leap has developed innovative processes that allow us to produce immediate results for any client within 72 hours.