3 & 12 Organizational Development: Including six-month strategic guidance post development


3 & 12 Organizational Development: Including six-month strategic guidance post development

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Three-month organizational development and 12-month consulting post development for ongoing strategic guidance, implementation, and bench-marking.

Additional Development Options:
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By subscribing to the 3 & 12 Strategic Organizational Development option, clients will receive a three-month organizational development to help define a important organizational goals and metrics to guide the growth of their organization. The strategic development process will focus on helping the organization develop detailed strategies and tactical action plans aimed at improving organizational revenues, customer acquistion and loyalty, team-building, and sustainability. Other development areas of focus will be; customer value alignment, brand visibility, competitive advantage, and any other key areas unique to the organization’s strategic goals and purpose. Once the development process is completed, the organization will be granted 12-months of additional consulting and strategic guidance to help oversee strategy implementation, bench-marking and overall success.

In addition to the above, Clients will also receive the following benefits and support:

  • Organizational Needs Assessment. An in-depth 30-point assessment of the current operational efficiency and performance of every division (or area) of the organization.

  • Team Synergy Evaluation. A millennial behavioral evaluation and analysis ( Curve Evaluation) of everyone in your organization to improve team-performance, collaboration, recruiting and retention.

  • Unique Strategic Framework. An in-depth strategic framework (e.g three to five year plan) designed to achieve the short and long-term objectives of the organization.

  • Private Strategic Plan Website. A five-page website strategic plan site summarizing and explaining the unique strategic framework developed by Leap to guide your project, organization or startup.

  • Additional-Six Month Consulting. Additional six-months of strategic consulting (guidance) post framework development, at no additional cost to help ensure strategy implementation, help with bench-marking, and advise on strategy adaptions to market changes (pivoting).

  • Personal Certified Consultant. A dedicated certified Leap Consultant to help review and develop new strategic frameworks, ideas and plans for your project, organization or startup.

  • Leap Cloud Membership. One year annual membership into Leap Cloud Community; free invitations to Leap in-person seminars, specialized training, networking events, and new product presentations.

  • New Idea Assessments. Three free strategic assessments of new projects, products, startups or ideas with a certified Leap Consultant from Leap’s Disruption.

  • Team Building Resources. Leap will develop free access to Leap Exclusive Online Training Programs on Cloud Technology, Leadership, Startup, and Innovation.

Terms and conditions: By clicking Subscribe, the Client agrees to subscribe to Leap’s three-and six consulting service, and employs Leap72 to perform the services in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the service description above. Continue reading General Consulting Terms & Conditions.