Okinawa Cultural Association of Texas

Mission: To enhance awareness and appreciation of Okinawan culture to members of the association, their families and the public, in general, is the main focus of The Okinawa Cultural Association of Texas.

Leap's contributions and strategic milestones:

  • Created new accounting and bookkeeping procedures to safeguard 501(3) exemption status.

  • Organized and drafted tax documents and financial records for 990 submissions to IRS.

  • Acted as an intermediary between the OCAT and IRS in establishing new financial checks and balances to guarantee compliance with federal guidelines regulating tax-exempt organizations in the United States.

  • Installed Quickbooks Online cloud software to manage accounts payable and receivables.

  • Trained OCAT treasurer and assisted in onboarding staff onto Quickbooks Online in the cloud.

  • Provide strategic growth ideas and resources after completing a 20-point organizational assessment.

Summary: In 2015, Leap72 was recruited to help save the 501(c)3 status of the Okinawa Cultural Association of Texas (or OCAT for short), and provide a new fiscal framework for the organization that self-manage its books, funding and yearly 990 submissions to the IRS. The stakes were high, the OCAT was the only organization in Texas at the time focused on preserving Okinawan culture and history. Within a period of three months, Leap was able to bring the OCAT back into compliance with federal guidelines and prevented its 501(c)3 status from being suspended. Afterward, we revamped their bookkeeping processes using Quickbooks Online and empowered their president and treasurer with the ability to manage their chart of accounts, budgets and various expenditures, accurately and simply in the cloud.