Okdo.it was a productivity software start-up in 2012. It's flagship application, okdo.it was created with the premise that email content can be succinctly categorized into three content types; notes, tasks, and attachments.

Problem: Okdo.it, is an online task management application that makes it easy for small to midsize teams to share and manage tasks through use of hashtags via email. Okdo.it contacted Leap in the summer of 2013. The startup was competing for users in a competitive space occupied by Asana, Evernote, Zoho and Nimble. Okdo.it’s problem was simple. They had no defined strategy on how to grow and compete in their market.


Solution: In order to better frame the individual problems affecting Okdo.it, Leap performed a full 30 day strategic assessment of their business model and marketing infrastructure. We interviewed their board, evaluated their management processes and participated in the beta testing of the Okdo.it application. Once the assessment was completed we were able to pinpoint four major problem areas within the Okdo.it business model. Based off those areas, we developed a set of solutions to aid Okdo.it in achieving faster growth online, and greater organizational efficiency.

Results: We organized our recommended solutions into a simple strategic action plan, to guide their positioning of Okdo.it's marketing program and strategic vision. A brief presentation was given to Okdo.it's board to explain how to properly implement and execute the strategic action plan. A few months following our presentation Okdo.it was able increased their number of users and was acquired for undisclosed amount. Giving Okdo.it founders their first large exit!