Problem: N.A.N. Co is a Houston based product development company that specializes in creating fashionable wearable technology. In late 2012 however N.A.N. was only a concept on paper, not a company. The eventual flagship product, the Wrist MC, was only in the prototype stage and there was no clear plan how to bring it to market. N.A.N’s founder contacted Leap, and we helped him turn his vision into a reality.

Solution: Before we could take on the task of translating N.A.N. from a vision into a reality, we need to gain a clearer understanding of the brand and concept. To achieve this we performed a two week assessment of the N.A.N. concept and brand. Once we 100% understood N.A.N’s purpose and future goals, we began laying out a plan to help bring N.A.N. and it’s products to market. Within 72 hours, we had a clear strategy and action plan. We incorporated N.A.N, rewrote their business plan and work closely with its founder to help finish N.A.N's first product.

Results: After eight months of developing N.A.N’s business strategy and business model, N.A.N launched in the summer of 2013. In just a few weeks after launch orders and investors started to flood in. Recently N.A.N. was spotlighted at New York Wearable Tech Expo 2014 and has garner interest from smartphone manufacturer, HTC