Pipedrive is a cloud-based sales software company with offices in Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia; New York City, New York; Lisbon, Portugal and London, United Kingdom. It is the maker of the web application and mobile app Pipedrive, a sales customer relationship management tool for salespeople in scaling companies.

Pipedrive is a customizable sales CRM that makes complex and lengthy sales processes simple and smooth, with dedication to activity-driven sales methods. The moment you log in, you'll have a comprehensive visual overview of your sales pipeline and what activities you need to perform, so you can sell with certainty.


Pipedrive is lightweight and light-touch, for minimum input and maximum output. Emails, actions and tasks are tracked automatically. It keeps things moving, stops things falling through the cracks and kills the tedium of admin. It gets out of the way so you can do what you do best.