Jalai Consulting Group
Mission: We grow your business by growing your people.


Leap's contributions and strategic milestones:

  • Completed Texas state incorporation within three weeks.

  • Developed a cloud-based sales approach and methodology.

  • Designed key concepts to drive corporate brand identity.

  • Provided a strategic framework for organizational planning, recruiting, and management.

  • Work side by side with the founder to design and implement a consulting process for the U.S and international markets.

Story: We helped Adnan Jalali, founder of the Jalali group officially launch his consultancy in June of 2014. Before working with Leap, Adnan served as a certified school teacher and principal in the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Qatar for 13 years. After leading two school turnaround projects, he decided to dedicate his life to developing leaders and teams and became a Leadership Trainer, Executive Coach and International Keynote Speaker.

In 2014, Adnan sought out Leap72 to help him begin his leap into entrepreneurship full-time. We incorporated the firm and provided advice on how to position the Jalali group to sell large corporations using cloud-based sales processes and technology. Since it's Launch, the firm has been on fire here in the U.S. and internationally, and has secured a long term consulting engagement advising the heads of commerce and business infrastructure in Columbia.