Mission: To inspire, lead and pioneer solutions in educating Latinos and other communities about Islam in the English & Spanish language through media production and grassroots outreach worldwide.

Leap's contributions and strategic milestones:

  • From 2012 to 2017, Volunteership increased by 400%

  • Created IslamInSpanish Google Cloud Infrastructure to manage volunteers, projects and personnel in the cloud.

  • Presenting the idea for founding the 1st Latino Mosque in America, and growing it into an international movement.

  • Provided strategic vision and plan for expanding operations to new three U.S. cities and two countries,

  • Provided strategic framework for generating more $500,000 in donations annually at IslamInSpanish yearly fundraiser.

  • Secured $300,000 in perpetual grants from Google to support IslamInSpanish Projects.

  • IslamInSpanish brand featured in national news - Guardian, Houston Chronicle, Latino USA, and the Washington Post.

  • Provided new cinematographers and media experts to reimagine the IslamInSpanish brand through video.

  • Provided digital marketing strategy, growing Facebook page from 2,500 to 85,000 followers.

Story: In 2012, Leap72 was hired to transform, IslamInSpanish, a 501(c)3 nonprofit designed to teach latino Muslim converts about the deeper tenets and practices of Islam. The organization was small, local and largely unknown outside of certain Muslim religious circles in Texas. Their nonprofit concept and brand were unique, but the organization was struggling with coming up with a sound growth strategic and long-term strategic vision.

After working with the organization's core founders, Leap developed a five-year plan to take IslamInSpanish from a local $200,000 a year nonprofit, to $1,00,000 a year international nonprofit. The strategic planned worked! By 2017, IslamInSpanish had grown its volunteership by 400%, were regular commenters for CNN Latino and other media outlets, and had expanded operations to three U.S. cities and two countries, and was finally generating more $500,000 in donations at their annual fundraiser.