The Product, the new Avengers Movie. The Place, movie theaters everywhere. The Price $10 general admission, $15 3D. The Promotion, strategically brilliant! On Friday, May 15th 2015 Marvel comics latest Avengers movie, The Age Of Ultron will be released upon the world. What makes this such an occasion isn't just the incredibly seductive story lines about our favorite comic book heroes or the special effects. It's the amazing way Marvel comics has engineered the build up of this film through strategic marketing and planning.

The Building Of A Super Brand

The first Marvel produced movie to launch, what would eventually become part of the Avengers franchise, was Iron Man in 2008. Since then Marvel has been releasing one to two movies per year featuring Iron, Captain America, Thor or the Incredible Hulk. With every new release Marvel built a huge following for each superhero. Then when it was ready, it debut the first avengers movie in 2012. Capturing $1,518,594,910 in gross revenue at the box office.

The Secret Behind The Success

Marvel and their Hollywood partners have managed to continuously strike gold on every movie release by using simple marketing and great foresight. Similar to Toyota and their 50 year planning, Marvel has been following the same set plan it created over six years ago! Create the marketing, leak the video trailers 6 to 7 months before the movie release, then flood the market with ads and promo spots everywhere opening week. These simple marketing tasks have help turned the Avengers Movie into a multi-billion dollar movie franchise.

What I've learned from studying movie releases like the Avengers and comic book companies like Marvel, is the importance of creating an emotional events. Movies, comic books and almost every form of successful entertainment stirs an emotion from people. The best entertainment companies and products win audiences over by making everything an emotion event. Who didn't get upset at Amistad, excited when you first saw Transformers, or get teary at the end of the Notebook?

How To Win Like Marvel

If you want to capture the hearts and minds of your target audience like Marvel then start thinking how you can make your product launches, newsletters, conference calls, press releases, and status updates emotional events. Promote everything 90 days to 6 months in advance. This will help build anticipation for the events you create. Leak teasers, case studies, white papers and videos to fuel momentum. Strategically planning out every detail of your marketing can help triple the impact your company has on your customers, while boosting your brand and notoriety.