The New Company Structure of 2020

Marvel Comics, Lean Startup, Star Trek and Apple - what do they all have in common besides being successful business brands in their respective industries? They’re all powered by communities. Communities made up of passionate followers, fanatics and brand enthusiasts who not only connect with the brand’s message, they imbued it. Today Leap72, is happy to announce the formation and launch of our private community, 1520. 

What is 1520?

1520 is an exclusive community, created by Leap72 for millennial creators and entrepreneurs. A resource network to share ideas and concepts, collaborate with others who share your passion, and a launchpad for millennial projects, products and innovative ideas. 

Facebook helped give birth to the millennial generation, 2004. 

What inspired the community?

Public Enemy - It takes a Nation Of Millions created the environment for the millennial evolution in style, culture and politics. 

Thousands of articles have been written about what factors have contributed in shaping millennial thinking and culture.  Over the last few years Leap has seen very few articles written on community organizations built solely for the purpose evolving millennial culture. There are organizations, but they usually only  focus on one thing millennials find important, like leadership or entrepreneurship.  We asked ourselves, where are the communities that focus on everything millennials value? Inspired, Leap decided to form 1520.  A community centered not only around creative thinking and entrepreneurship, but everything millennial. A community for millennials by millennials!

Eminem - The personification of the millennial evolution.His Slim Shady LP opened a culture dialogue, and ushered a new paradigm in how we look at the expression of white experience through the eyes of Hip Hop; Eradicating the barriers of racial intolerance and the stereo type that white rappers didn't belong in Hip Hop. 

What does 1520 mean?

The name 1520, comes from our beliefs on “paradigm innovation” and the address 1520 Sedgwick Ave, New York, the birthplace of Hip Hop music and culture.  

Formation of the League of Nations (today the U.N.) changed the world forever.

Formation of the League of Nations (today the U.N.) changed the world forever.

Believe it or not every 20th year of every new century is a leap year, dating all the way back to the year 120 BC. At Leap, our belief is every 20th year of the new century ushers in new paradigm shifts in business, culture and society. The year 1520 was a Leap year,  we feel combined with the historical significance of 1520 Sedgwick Ave, the place where the first  Hip Hop party was held in Bronx - best describes the influences and forces that created the millennial of today, and that will ultimately guide the millennial of tomorrow.

What is the launch date?

1520 community will be officially launching on Tuesday, September 20th, 2016. The first community event will be led by our millennial brand ambassador Sha’kavon Thomas.  Sign up below to request your exclusive invitation to the launch.

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