This is the first of three major announcements that we will be releasing over the next three weeks. 

Dear clients, friends and partners,

Ramadhan has finally come to an end and it’s now time for Leap to jump back into action. We will be resuming normal business operations Monday July 18th, 2016. Reserve your appointment at

Per our custom, this is the time of the year where we inform you of major changes that will be happening within Leap. This year’s 2016 post Ramadhan updates are major and will change Leap72 forever!! 

Change #1: No More Project Work After 2016

Since 2011 Leap has been honored to oversee the strategic development, and marketing platforms of 27 different companies in Houston and throughout the United States. We currently manage the day to day operations of five corporations here in Houston, and one overseas. Being trusted with these duties and responsibility has been an honor. However looking at the greater need in the business landscape, we believe we can provide greater value and help more businesses by exclusively focusing on providing innovative concepts, strategy, and advice. So effective December 31st, 2016, Leap72 will no longer assume the following types of project work:

Project work that will not be accepted:

  1. Business Management - Managing personnel, sales and daily business operations.
  2. Website Design - Developing or designing websites, social media pages or landing pages. 
  3. Digital Ad Campaigns - Implementing, executing and managing online CPC or CPI campaigns on Google, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest (or any other social media). (Note: Leap will still develop strategic marketing plans, concepts and branding strategies for online or offline campaigns, but will not assume the responsibility of implementation or execution).
  4. Branding & Design - Designing the tangible aspects of a brand will no longer be offered after this year by Leap. This includes but is not limited too, logo design, font design, posters, flyers, corporate identity packages, business cards, and website mockups (wireframes). 

Here’s what will be accepted:

  1. Strategy Consulting - This year we discovered that we could help a greater number of entrepreneurs simply by helping them sort through business obstacles, and empowering them with the right knowledge to sustain and grow their business. Therefore, Leap's primary service after Dec 31st, 2016 will be strategic advisement.
  2. Strategic & Tactical Planning - Outside of advising entrepreneurs on what to do, Leap has always been exceptional at designing tactics on how to implement or execute strategy. Leap will not only continue to provide this service, but has plans on expanding it by 2017. 
  3. Business Design - In the current share economy where mobile rules and millennials are rewriting the way we work and experience products, businesses are no longer built - they are designed.  Designing businesses helps spur innovation and create defendable competitive advantages for new or existing companies. Leap has had tremendous success designing small social and tech based startups. After 2017 we will look to open this service up to all types of service based businesses in the United States and across the world.

Change #2: We’re only working with socially conscious companies

In lieu of all the horrible injustices that have transpired in the last five years. We here at Leap have come to the decision that we will no longer work with companies or entrepreneurs that make or promote products, services or ideas that damage, restrict or prohibit the evolution of society, culture or the planet. Within Leap72 we are calling this policy, “No Social No Leap,”  to make clients, friends and strategic partners aware of our commitment and pledge not to work with companies or people who spread harm or impede cultural growth.

After September 30th, 2016 Leap72 will not service, accept work or consult any company that does not meet the following criteria:

  1. A policy describing how your product, business or organization helps improve or protect a community, a distinct culture or environmental need.
  2. Must possess socially conscious company values or a track record that demonstrates a concern for the greater well being of society or the environment.
  3. The top management (e.g the board of directors, CEO, CFO etc) participate in nonprofit giving or volunteer to help a cause that helps improve society, the spread of cultural tolerance or the environment.

Change #3 : Leap is becoming a Public Benefit Corporation

Since its founding in early 2011, Leap has always thought deeply about how our work could help improve and evolve communities.  Currently, Leap72 is listed as a standard corporation. Which means under our current corporate structure, we are obligated to put the needs, wants and desires of our shareholders (investors) and board above anything else (Google fiduciary responsibility or read this article for better clarification ). 

To prove how passionate and committed we are about helping improve socially conscious businesses here in the U.S.  and around the world,  we will be reincorporating Leap72 as a Public Benefit Corporation. 

What is a PBC?

A  public benefit corporation is a new legal tool to create a solid foundation for long term mission alignment and value creation. Its a for-profit corporation intended to produce a public benefit and operate in a responsible and sustainable manner. The PBC is managed in a manner that balances stockholders' pecuniary interests, the best interests of those materially affected by the corporation's conduct and the public benefit for which the PBC is formed. The PBC operates primary for achievement of mission, and the benefit it produces for the communities its serves.

As a PBC Leap’s mission to “create the next 100 years by advancing innovation and entrepreneurship across the world” will take priority over profits. The new PBC corporate structure help hold us more accountable in ensuring  the services we deliver yield no harm to the environment, society or culture. Effective September 7th, 2016, Leap72 will cease to be Leap72, Inc, and will be henceforth known as Leap72, P.B.C. 

How do these changes affect you?

Leap72 intends to honor all current contractual obligations for all current client projects actively in our pipeline. There will be no disruptions in service, delivery times or commitment from Leap due to the above changes.  After we have fulfilled all existing contracts under our old service structure, we will not renew  or accept anymore project work that does not meet our new criteria described in headings above. 

If you would like further clarification on the changes were making please contact Jennifer Roberts, senior client Liaison ( or set an appointment with our liaison Kiana Ingram ( to speak with a Leap adviser. You can also leave a comment below this article to voice how you feel about the changes.