During the strategic shut down we worked on a lot of different strategic models to help better position our clients not just for 2017, but for 2025. Too often we look at our businesses in months, quarters, and years. As all of you know Leap was founded on the concept of creating business models to sustain organizations  for a 100 years plus.  During Stratagem we wanted to discover new ways we could live up to that concept. 

Our Discovery: The Start Matrix

What we discovered during Stratagem is that people and organizations are always in a perpetual phase of start. Everyday, month and year, begin new relationships, set new goals, create new products and launching new initiatives. Constantly every person or organization is starting back at zero. Realizing this we devised the Start Matrix.

Example of a perfect start and poor start.

Example of a perfect start and poor start.

The Start Matrix is a new modelling methodology that allows Leap to monitor or evaluate how well people start projects, products or companies. We accomplish by accessing every start through four stages; Purpose, Path, Action and Fulfillment. Using a simple grading algorithm we grade each start stage according to general input provided by you, the client.